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Hardwick, MA Ware/Hardwick Ambulance Oversight Committee

For Town:Hardwick, MA 
Name:Ware/Hardwick Ambulance Oversight Committee
Chair:(see Members, below)
Clerk:(see Members, below)
Members:Julie M. Quink - Hardwick
Jennifer Halstrom - Hardwick
Theresa A. Cofske - Hardwick
Stuart Beckley - Ware
Alan Whitney - Ware
Jennifer Peterson - Ware
Thomas Coulombe - Ware
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No meetings of Ware/Hardwick Ambulance Oversight Committee are currently scheduled.

Past Meetings

TimeLocationMinutesOther Documents
Jan 8, 2018
5:30 PM EST
Ware Town Hall
Not Available Details and Agenda...

For information on older meetings, please contact the Town Clerk.

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