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Information for Meeting of School Committee (Local)
Wednesday Jun 24, 2020 5:30 PM EDT

Town:Southampton, MA 
Board:School Committee (Local)
Time:Wednesday June 24, 2020 5:30 PM EDT
Location:Online. See agenda details
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Southampton School Committee
Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Richard Dragon Library-William E. Norris School
5:30 p.m. 
Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak, the Southampton School District is closed to the public. In accordance with guidance from the Governor’s office, we are providing a call in number for public access. 
Public Call-In Access:
Phone Number: 413-333-5558
Conference ID: 162857

If you e-mail a written Public Comment before the scheduled School Committee meeting, it will be read at that School Committee Meeting. If you e-mail a written Public Comment after hearing something on the live conference call, it will be read at the next School Committee Meeting. Please send your Public Comments via e-mail to Please note that all Public Comments become public records. 
I.	Call to Order- Jon Lumbra 

II.	Routine Matters
A.	Approval of minutes: 
1.	Regular Meeting - April 29, 2020
2.	Regular Meeting - May 
B.	Circulation of Warrants
C.	Visitors: Nancy Parlakulas, Director of Pupil Services
1.	End of Year Recap
2.	Status of all SPED Children currently out of district
D.	Tiger Talk
E.	Correspondence
F.	Other – 

III.	Principal’s Report 
A.	New Food Services Director Contract

IV.	Superintendent’s Report
A.	Return To School Task Force Update

V.	Budget
A.	FY 2020
B.	FY 2021 
C.	Capital Improvements: Norris Capital Request Readjustment 
D.	School Choice Update
E.	Municipal Grant Status Update

VI.	Items Requiring Action
A.	COVID-19 Expenses (MASC)
B.	In-Person Education (MA Parents)
C.	Response to Social, Economic & Racial Justice in our Communities
D.	School Physician Contract

VII.	Policy (all are final reads)
A.	180 Day In Class Requirement

VIII.	New Business

IX.	 Reports
C.	School council
D.	Hampshire Regional School Committee
E.	Chair’s Report
F.	Union 66
G.	Liaison to Select Board 
X.	Ongoing Items:
XI.	Executive Session: 
A.	MGL Chapter 30, 21A(2): Negotiations and Collective Bargaining with Teachers
B.	MGL Chapter 30, 21A(3): To discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining or litigation. 
XII.	Adjourn – Next Meeting: June 24, 2020

Southampton FY20 School Committee Meetings 
Monthly Schedule (subject to change)
4th Wednesday of Each Month

Date: 	Time:	Major Items/Notes:
Wednesday, July 24	5:30 PM	Held if business warrants
Wednesday, August 28	5:30 PM	Reorganization
Rescheduled to 8/19
Tuesday, September 24	5:30 PM	Rescheduled from 9/25
Wednesday, October 23	5:30PM	
Monday, November 25	5:30 PM	Nov 27 = Thanksgiving Eve
Nov 20 = Williamsburg Mtg
Monday, December 16	5:30 PM	Dec 25 = Christmas
Dec 18 = Williamsburg Mtg
Wednesday, January 22	5:30 PM	
Wednesday, February 26	5:30PM	
Wednesday, March 25	5:30 PM	School Choice Vote
School Calendar Vote
Wednesday, April 29	5:30 PM	
Wednesday, May 27	5:30 PM	Vote on Summer Signor
Wednesday, June 24	5:30 PM	School Lunch Price
Scheduled By:Taffy Bassett Fox
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