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Information for Meeting of Norfolk SEPAC
Thursday Apr 08, 2021 7:30 PM EDT

Town:Norfolk, MA 
Board:Norfolk SEPAC
Time:Thursday April 08, 2021 7:30 PM EDT
Location:Zoom Meeting - Remote Access
1.Welcome and Introduction of SEPAC Leadership
-Guests to introduce themselves
2.Board Elections
-VOTE - Elections shall be decided by a simple majority vote, subject to the presence of a quorum.
 -Co-Chair A
 -Co-Chair B
 -Chair of Technology
 -Chair of Marketing
 -Chair of Operations
 -Chair of Finance
 -Board Member(s) 
 -Fundraising Coordinator  
 -Volunteer Outreach 
3. Administrative
-Tiered Focused Monitoring School Review Process and SEPAC Involvement
  -Date - 4/27/21
-Confirm if going forward with Virtual Coffee/Cocktail Hour for May
  -Plan Cinco De Mayo Social (make your own Margarita/bring your favorite recipe)
  -5/5 @ 8:15PM
4. Current Financials (Karen Mazzola)
-Current account balance approx $
-Upcoming payments/receipts/submissions
-Any outstanding items? 
5.Spring Photo Session Fundraiser - Leah Romig (Karen Murphy)
-4/18 at Stoney Brook
-Current status of Sign Ups
-Any additional marketing needed?
-Day of logistics
-Any outstanding items?
6. Hidden Disabilities Workshop - Phyllis Keenan  (Karen Murphy)
-5/3 @ 7:30PM
-Payment made to speaker?
7. KP Middle Sped Transition - Lisa Moy (Karen Murphy)
-5/12 Meeting - Confirmed
8. Open Forum
-Team to revisit messaging for regular posts for parents engaging with Special Education
9. Upcoming Meetings
-Public SEPAC Meetings (2nd Thursday of each month): 5/13, 6/10, 7/8
-School Committee: 4/13
Scheduled By:the automatic scheduling system
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