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Information for Meeting of Essex Housing Authority
Tuesday June 14, 2022 6 PM EDT

Town:Essex, MA 
Board:Essex Housing Authority
Time:Tuesday June 14, 2022 6 PM EDT
Location:Lufkin House - Chebacco Terrace
Community Room
Tuesday June 14, 2022, 6:00 PM      Location Community Hall Chebacco Terrace, Essex, MA 01929    
                                                  A G E N D A 	
            Call to order.                     ROLL CALL
  Regular meeting May 10, 2022
B.	Anticipated topics: 
 1.   Opportunity for Residents to Address the Board 3-5 minutes 
       per Residents 
 2.    Executive Directors Report
 3.    EHA Board to nominate a representative of Housing for the   
Community Preservation Committee Board.
4.    Review & Approval of Projects for DHCD ARPA Formula Funding   
5.    Board approval of monthly Payables / Financials
Unfinished Business:
   Board review and approval of Polices  
a.	Ratify updated Personnel Policy 
b.	Rent Collection Policy
c.	Procurement Policy
d.	Credit Card Policy
e.	Investment Policy
f.	Equipment Capitalization & Depreciation Policy
g.	Travel Policy
h.	Non-Smoking Policy 
Open issues/Communication Discussion:  
Adjournment                          Next Regular Meeting, September  13, 2022
Received by the Town Clerk
Date:						at:		
  Irene Frontiero		 	     						
Signature					     Clerk/Bd. Member
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