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Information for Meeting of School Committee (Local)
Wednesday Jun 08, 2022 6:00 PM EDT

Town:Southampton, MA 
Board:School Committee (Local)
Time:Wednesday June 08, 2022 6:00 PM EDT
Location:Town Hall-1st fl mtg rm
Call to Order: Diana Bonneville, Superintendent

I. Reorganization
A. Selection of Committee Chair
B. Newly selected chair takes the Chair
C. Selection of Committee Vice-Chair
D. Selection of Committee Secretary

II. Routine Matters: 
A. Approval of Minutes (04/13/22 & 05/05/22)
B. Public Comment
C. Circulation of Warrants
D. Announcements/Correspondence

III. Budget: 
A. ARPA Update
B. Other

IV. New Business:
A. Superintendent’s Evaluation: Next Steps
B. Discussion on Students Living within C. 1.5 Miles of School/Policy EEAA
D. Discussion on School Safety 
E. Other

V. Ongoing Business:
A. 2nd Reading of Acceptable Use Policy File: IJNDB
B. Other

VI. Reports:
A. Principal’s Report
B. Superintendent’s Report
C. Chair’s Report
D. Hampshire Regional School Committee
F. School Council
G. Collaborative for Educational 
H. Services Update
I. Select Board Update 

VII. Adjourn
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